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I was first introduced to Yoga when I was 15 years old, when a friend invited me to try a Vinyasa class in a beautiful studio in Rio de Janeiro, my hometown. For a while I saw Yoga simply as an exercise. Even though I liked the cool atmosphere of the studios and spirituality behind it, I did not know much about it. I used to see the images of the deities, teachers wearing japamalas, hear about gurus and weird Sanskrit names and feel attraction and fascination towards it. However, I thought it was too far removed from my own reality to delve deeper.


It was in 2014 that everything changed. I started practicing Rocket Yoga, a very physical type of Yoga where you learn to do some “acrobatic” poses and still need to follow your own breath as you move. It can be very challenging not to lose it, so you need to be very present and aware of what you are doing. It had a fun, joyful and relaxed atmosphere and it was on this environment that Yoga finally touched my heart and soul and I started to feel more whole. At that time, I was doing my master’s in engineering and I started to realize how much I was struggling with it.  I didn’t feel happy and I could never see myself working with it. With Yoga it was the opposite. I had never been so stimulated and inspired in my life and so I decided it was time to go further. All I could think was that I wanted to share this amazing experience with others.


By the end of 2015, I finished my first 200hs Vinyasa Yoga teacher training, based on the Rocket method, with Yin Yang Vinyasa Yoga School (certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals – YAP). In the following year I finished the Yin Yoga (100hs) and Advanced Vinyasa (200hs) teacher trainings, both with the same school, and became an associate level 2 certified teacher on YAP. In 2017 I travelled to India seeking to learn more about and experience the roots of Yoga. After 40 days of intense training and ashram experience, I received a certification in Yoga Therapy and Pre and Post Natal Yoga by the renowned Yoga Vidya Gurukul, which follows the tradition of Swami Satyananda of Bihar School of Yoga.


I still think that the practice of asanas (postures) is great for physical health, but I believe Yoga happens beyond that. On the mat, I have learned to acknowledge and face both my ego and limitations. Yoga helps me to be much more aware of my emotions and feelings; to accept and understand myself and others. It makes me feel happier and secure to seek my own truth. For all that, I’m very grateful to my teachers for sharing their knowledge and experiences with me. But I am also very grateful to my students, from whom I constantly learn so much.


I’m currently based in Oxford, seeking to expand my yogic experiences in a new culture and to connect with people from around the world :)

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What my students say..




"I started taking Yoga classes with Camila when I was five months pregnant. We had classes twice a week. During this time, I saw a great improvement in my posture and breathing, which was essential for me during this period. Camila is a very calm and professional instructor, who always tries to make one class different from the other. At the end of classes I would always feel more relaxed, lighter and with great disposition! I recommend her classes with my eyes closed!!! By far, the best yoga teacher I've ever had!"

Julia Temke - Brazil




"Excellent, made me realize and enjoy yoga. Practicing with you was always a delight and your guidance was beyond the classroom."

Mariana Perry - Brazil




"I had the pleasure of receiving a spectacular yoga therapy class for thyroid disorder from Camila. Her teaching was clear and accessible, and perfectly addressed the issue. She has an amazing spirit and a gentle approach. One of the best teachers I know!"

Becca Ann - USA




"I had the opportunity to follow Camila's career as a Yoga teacher from the beginning. Marvelous as a teacher and as a person! Oh, and I was a pregnant student. Camila's orientation in class was fantastic!"

Adriana Vidal - Brazil




"Camila introduced me to yoga. I love her classes and I can see the evolution in each practice. Highly recommend to everyone!"

Tomás Martin - Brazil




"Wonderful instructor! Made my weeks start with a lot more energy and disposition."

Natália Gigante - Brazil